Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Rock Canyon

Overview: Hard but very rewarding hike with great views of Utah Valley and surrounding wilderness.

  • Trail Head: Take I-15 to Center Street in Orem. Follow that through to Provo where it turns into Foothill Drive. Turn left on Windsor then turn on Imperial Way. It will end in a circle for you to park on.
    • Coordinates: 40°17'13.96"N, 111°38'03.76"W
    • Alternate Trailhead: Follow that through to Provo where it turns into Foothill Drive. Eventually it will turn south, following the mountain. Turn left on Sherwood Lane. The trailhead starts on a
      • Coordinates: 40°17'10.23"N, 111°38'05.48"W
  • Distance: 2-4 miles round trip
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Trail Condition: Trail hazards such as loose gravel and shale, steep inclines, rock scrambles, and overgrowth abound the first half of the trail. Water will play a factor in spring to early summer, especially as you increase elevation.
  • Season: Spring through Late Fall.


Detailed Description: The hike itself starts going slightly down and once you get to the bottom of the ravine it will start to climb through scrub oak and maple trees. You will increase elevation quickly as you follow the stream bed. You may lose the trail a few times, but if you follow the bed you will find the trail again. As you climb you will scramble over some rock falls with unsteady rocks. If you are early enough in the season, the water fall may be treacherous depending on the amount of water. Eventually the scrub oak will give away to pine and with one last big climb you will reach a flat spot where someone has build a wooden dam some time ago. From here the trail spits off one turning to the left, the other straight.

The left trail will take you to the top of Little Rock Peak and loop back down to Mile High Drive. This part of the trail is well marked due to the horses that use this trail. There is little shade cover in this area but the trail is mostly a decline. On top of the peak you will see great views of Provo, Orem, Utah Lake and the rest of Utah Valley.

Going straight at the fork will take you through the pine grove. The flat portion will eventually resume the incline but you will eventually reach the top where it meets up with Squaw Peak Trail Road. At the top you will see great views of Cascade and Provo peaks.


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