Friday, May 15, 2009

Skill Levels

Hiking is just more than walking around outdoors. It is important to choose trails that you can handle. As in nearly anything else,planning is key. The longer the hike, the more planning is needed. Below I have compiled a list of all the hikes on and applied a skill level to them. The skill levels go from 1 to 5. Here is a breakdown:

  1. Flat, easy hikes that are maintained (such as pavement or packed gravel and/or dirt). Hikes at this skill level have little or no elevation gain. These hikes can be enjoyed by people of all levels from small children to elders.

    Level 1 Hikes

    Level 1.5 Hikes


  2. Easy hikes that most people can do. Trail conditions are generally good with a little elevation gain. Older children will love these slightly challenging hikes.
    Level 2 Hikes

    Level 2.5 Hikes

  3. Moderate hikes that may require a little effort to complete. Trail conditions may be a little rough with a good portion of elevation gain. If you are in good health this will be fun and a little challenging. These trails are good for getting teenagers ready for harder trails and extended hikes.

    Level 3 Hikes

    Level 3.5 Hikes


  4. Moderately hard hikes that require some effort to complete. Trail conditions are hard and may include some rock scrambles and/or sandy patches. The trail is usually marked and there is a large increase in elevation gain. Adults in good health may require some

    Level 4 Hikes

    Level 4.5 Hikes


  5. Hard trails for experienced hikers who are in shape. Trail conditions are hard to follow and may require a GPS unit or map and compass to follow. Trail conditions will give you a run for your money including big rock crawls, water hazards, over growth.

    Level 5 Hikes

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