Thursday, July 22, 2010

Landscape Arch (Arches National Park)

Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch was declared in 2004 as the largest national arch in the world at approximately 290 feet long. It can be accessed in Arches National Park from the Devil's Garden Trailhead, which is the furthest trailhead accessible by motorized vehicle from the park entrance. The trail is very well marked and well maintained, which makes this an excellent hike for families with children. Also, there are two other arches if interest on the way to Landscape Arch: Tunnel Arch and Pine Tree Arch, and two arches just after Landscape Arch: Navajo Arch and Partition Arch. Seeing all these arches in the same trip makes this hike very worthwhile.

Note: There is a park entrance fee of $25 to enter Arches National Park.


  • From Moab Main St (HWY 191) head North

  • About 1.8 miles from the bridge over the Colorado River you'll come to the gate to Arches National Park

  • Follow the National Park Road to the Devil's Garden trailhead

  • You'll receive a park map upon entrance which will help you find this and other trails

GPS: 38.783166, -109.595171
Distance: 1.56 miles out and back
Difficulty: 1
Hike Time: 30-45 minutes
Trail Condition: Well maintained and well marked
Season: Early Spring until late Fall

Detailed Description:
There are two advantages to visiting Landscape Arch early in the morning - as early as you can stand. First, you beat the crowds, which usually hit the trails closest to the park entrance first. By arriving at the Devil's Garden Trailhead first and working your way towards the park entrance, you're working your way from the back of the park towards the front, when most people work their way from the entrance to the back of the park. Second, in the morning, the light from the sun shines behind you as you're facing Landscape Arch, which makes the lighting ideal for beautiful pictures.

As you can tell from the photos, be prepared to meet a lot of people on the trail as Arches is one of the most popular national parks in the country. Again, the trail is well maintained and well marked, and there are some slight inclines as the trail goes over some fairly hilly terrain. There are some remarkable views of sandstone "fins" stretching out across Arches National Park, and of the La Sal mountains to the east of Moab.



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